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Museum gift shop success

The Museum’s gift shop opened 2 years ago. So far it has been moderately successful with some items being especially treasured by their owners. These cubes are replicas of those found on one of the early explorations of other planets. People on a small planet orbiting the minor star Sol were especially interested in the idea that these were originally made on a planet that was losing its blue identity as, warming up, the dry heat evaporated water away.

The red planet

On a deteriorating planet in orbit round Sol there was a lot of interest in the idea of colonising another planet in their solar system. Despite being inhospitable to animal and plant life as they knew it due to its intense radiation, the humans who were interested talked up the idea of colonising first the moon round their own planet and then the red planet Mars. Research was done into how humans could live there, including using the Martian regolith to build domes that humans could safely live in. Exhibitions showed models of these and the most up to date rovers. Artists created artworks that showed the planet in its 3D glory.

FutureMuseum loans

MOSE is pleased to announce a loan of early images and artefacts from the FutureMuseum’s postcatalystic collection – now on show in Room 2. These are among the oldest artefacts we have exhibited and it is thanks to our sponsor, the Balinger Freight Corporation, who oversaw packaging and delivery, that they survived their long intergalactic journey without damage. These exhibits are of particular interest as an example of life on ‘drowned world’ planets in the period shortly after climatic collapse and show the adaptive strategies employed to survive a newly aquatic environment. MOSE visitors can also access the full FutureMuseum collection at FutureMuseum.