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Dark works glow with interest

The fifth planet in orbit round red dwarf X394 is home to artefacts that coincide in colour with most of the planet’s surface – although their entrances glow with gold rims. Coming in differing sizes we have yet to determine whether they are biological in origin. The differing size indicates a growth from juvenile onwards, they could have been fossilised during one of the known cold periods. Some of them contain pieces of other material manifestations. The inhabitants of the planet are recent posthuman colonists and discovered these objects hidden in caves they explored after their first wave of settlement.

Early aretfacts from planet 5Contents

red dwarf X394

Red Dwarf X394 glows bleakly through the atmosphere. Post humans living on its 5th planet were provided with prostheses that enabled them to experience the light as much brighter Рhumans had found that it had made them encounter depressive states due to permanent low  light levels.