Room 3 – FutureMuseum loans

Balinger Freight corporation’s cargo vessel Phoenix Voyager has been on tour of the Desselov galaxy to deliver stocks of post human prosetheses to colonists on planets difficult for human life. Returning it made a short detour stop off on a little regarded ‘drowned world’ planet in the Sol system to pick up loan exhibits from the FutureMuseum. These included images and artefacts from the early post catalystic period. More at FutureMuseum.

‘Worn again’ shoes made from reclaimed materials. Appear to have been made of materials with recognisable histories and aesthetic qualities. Fabric, rubber, leather, sticky tape.

Oil lamp fashioned from an incandescent light bulb – a very primitive type of electric light. Glass metal, cotton.

Swallow amulet. This crudely made amulet dates from the period of recovery – a good luck charm from the time when the bird renewed their migrations. Printed steel.

Images of an early post catalystic settlement in Desselov galaxy. Living there required adaptation, improvisation and ingenuity working with the materials available, as there were no intergalactic imports at that time.

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