Balinger Freight Corporation

     The Balinger Freight Corporation sponsors MOSE.

Working with MOSE we move artefacts from many places in the known galaxies, either on delivery or as gallery loans. In the Boötes void (or the Great Nothing) (an enormous, approximately spherical region of space, containing very few galaxies) we have found a planet full of rejects, technologies, artefacts dating back through time. Fertile ground for a Museum interested in past civilisations.

Logistics – if you are dealing with logistics you need BFC’s protection. BFC has the intergalactic fleet with teams and equipment to deal with any logistical problem or emergency. Ongoing we provide appropriate guardians to ensure your missions succeed without interference, whether physical, chemical or electronic. We have bases wherever known human, posthuman or friendly others exist. All our personnel are equipped with the latest translation devices for fast and efficient communication, are trained in the most up-to-date technology and are chosen for their absolute discretion and reliability.

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